The Department of Mathematics designates Fall 2016 as a special semester in actuarial and financial mathematics. This special event will include a University Public Lecture and a series of Colloquium Lectures. We have selectively invited prominent researchers in this evolving sub-discipline of mathematics and they include:

Steven Shreve (Carnegie Mellon)
Robert C. Merton (MIT)
Dmitry Kramkov (Carnegie Mellon)
Moshe Milevsky (York)
Ioannis Karatzas (Columbia) - CANCELLED
Edward (Jed) Frees (Wisconsin)
David X. Li (Prudential)
Cathy O'Neil

The dates and details for the different lectures will be announced on this website.

Previous Special Semesters in the department may be found here.


Andre Schenker Lecture Hall (SCHN) 55 has been renamed to Andre Schenker Lecture Hall (SCHN) 151.

Calendar of Events

Organizing Committee

For any inquiries, you are welcome to contact one of the organizers:

Guojun Gan
Oleksii Mostovyi
Emiliano A. Valdez.